The steaming pile of lawsuits and failures that was the Fyre Festival has sparked everything from class action lawsuits to the downfall of everyone’s favorite short rapper, Ja Rule. Jerry Media is the marketing agency behind all the lies and empty promises, that made its name by stealing content, profiting off of the stolen work, and expanding through false advertising.

Even though it took place nearly two years ago, wreckage from the Fyre Festival continues to spew forth from its vainglorious corpse like rocket-propelled maggots. There are the lawsuits and prison sentences and Ja Rule trying to save face in light of two viciously competing documentaries on the subject. There’s also, within all of this muck, renewed attention being directed at Jerry Media, the marketing agency that promoted the train wreck (and subsequently denied any culpability for its failures despite aggressively suppressing online concern). That company, it should be noted, was born from a joke-stealing Instagram account called Fuck Jerry.

Fuck Jerry, the brainchild of Elliot Tebele, has managed to become enormously successful (and profitable) based on the practice of stealing other peoples’ work and posting it on its own page. Tebele and company are still doing this—calling to mind another meme they could repackage as their own—despite years of call-outs.

Reid McCarter, Contributor at The A.V. Club

Check out the continued backlash and unraveling of the marketing agency in Reid McCarter’s new article at The A.V. Club.


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