The battle for net neutrality is picking up with the scheduled court date on Friday, February 1st and here is what you need to know. Tweedle Dumb,  Ajit Pai, was last seen giving insufficient evidence in court and then whined until he got his latest appeal. But fear not, free-thinking, forward-moving people of the world; neutrality advocates are coming in with guns blazing and kickass legal ammo.

Oral arguments in the case against Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal are scheduled for Friday morning, and net neutrality advocates are confident that they will be victorious.

The groups that sued the Federal Communications Commission to reverse the repeal argue that Pai offered insufficient legal justification for deregulating the broadband industry.

The Obama-era net neutrality rules, which were upheld in court in 2016, relied on the FCC’s Title II authority over telecommunications services. When it eliminated the net neutrality rules, Pai’s FCC argued that broadband is not a telecommunications service and that it should be treated instead as a lightly regulated information service.

Jon Brodkin, Senior Reporter at Ars Technica

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