Every real football fan knows that the game is great, the beer is going to be cold, and the chips are going to be plentiful at the annual marketing climax that is the Super Bowl. But what we’re all really looking forward to is the onslaught of clever commercials. Mostly because our teams rarely make it past the first round (if at all) of the playoffs, and partially because the commercials offer relief from watching the Patriots parade around the field.

This year, the spend is following in line with last year and the commercials promise to be even better.

CBS is charging north of $5 million for a 30 second-spot in the game this year, which is comparable to last year’s numbers: NBC also priced half-minute spots at over $5 million in 2017 (though they also offered a bundle deal with the Winter Olympics that, of course, won’t be an option this time around).

 and , Staff Writers at AdWeek
Follow all of the updates on the commercials with AdWeek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker and see the story behind the marketing. Hopefully, they drop the halftime show and just roll out a half-hour of commercials.

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