Amazon’s darling Alexa is growing up so fast. She’s learning skills left and right, and her latest bit of knowledge comes from the NFL in the form of “A Rookie’s Guide to the NFL”. Your personal assistant will be able to answer a plethora of questions that are designed to help relate the game on varying levels. With terms like “nickel package”, “robber”, “check-down”, and “hot read” alongside player stats. This means that everyone can be better than Joe Buck in no time.

The skill itself was built in-house over the past several months by the NFL’s Digital Lab, an area within the league’s media group that develops tech products and features to advance the fan experience. Voice technology is currently an ongoing area of focus for this group.

And today’s launch of the “A Rookie’s Guide to the NFL” voice skill for Alexa is only the first phase of the NFL’s larger voice strategy, the league notes.

Sarah Perez, Writer at TechCrunch

Hey Alexa, what’s the best way to enjoy nachos, a couple of beers, and watch grown men run around in tights?

Good question… The NFL seems like the best way to do all of those things. 


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