Meet George Jetson… His boy Elroy…(doo doo doo doo) His computer Q System One.

Not only is that a catchy remix of the original, but it’s also the perfect way to let everyone know that IBM has created the computer of the future with their Q System One. Leaving binary in the dust, this tech breakthrough operates uses a quantum bit style, or qubit, to think quicker, deeper, and differently about complex problems and solutions.

Quantum computing is still at an experimental stage, but at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, IBM revealed what it is calling the most advanced system so far, the Q System One. To help the public understand what the computer does, IBM turned to industrial design firm Map Project Office–known for designing DIY computer kits, clever utensils, and Virgin’s in-flight experience–and interior and architecture firm Universal Design Studio, which has designed the Ace Hotel London and retail spaces for H&M and Rimowa. Together, they worked to give the computer a polished, consumer-facing form that would also work within a modern data center.

Katharine Schwab, associate editor at Fast Company

Get your meal pills, Spacely Sprockets, and folding briefcase ready, Fast Company tells you what you need to know about the future of computers.


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