It never fails. Another day and another big reveal about fake news. This time, Twitter has stepped up and has launched security measures that will hopefully, weed out some of the false claims before the 2020 elections.

Twitter said on Thursday that disinformation on its social media service was evolving, prompted by a rise in domestic sources of false content and more countries aping the online influence campaigns that were pioneered by Russia.

Kate Conger, Technology Reporter at The New York Times

The idea is to deal with the current problems so that they don’t have the foundation to evolve as the elections heat up.

Elections are coming up around the world, and our goal is to protect their integrity to the best of our ability and to take the learnings from each with us.

Carlos Monje Jr., Director of Public Policy at Twitter

Read more about the evolution of fake news and how social media companies are trying to stop it over on The New York Times.


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