Google Ads is a fickle mistress. You need the PPC to play the marketing game, but the field is overwhelmingly jam-packed with high-spend companies all competing for the best real estate. So the question is, how do smaller companies stay in the game without emptying the coffers? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here; to sift through the endless crap and find you gems like this one.

Often, smaller companies struggle to compete in competitive markets where megabrands dominate. When cost per clicks are sky high in Google Ads and competition is tough, it can be hard to elbow your way in. But while it may be difficult, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Sometimes, you just have to approach things more creatively.

Pauline Jakober, CEO of Group Twenty Seven

Pauline Jakober, the CEO over at Group Twenty Seven gives the Seach Engine Journal has some insights that show the battlefield from a different angle. Stop trying to play the same game as everyone else and make marketing work for you.


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