Before we all lose that warm and fuzzy feeling of following our new year’s resolutions and turn back into our usual pessimistic, carb-loading selves, let’s explore nine books designers should be reading in 2019. Grab your sweats, a cup of coffee, and put the kids outside for some inspired reading time.

Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joyful’s dives into the beauty in everyday items and how they can inspire simple, yet innovative design.

Joyful gave me a new lens to apply to my design, both at work and at home. It shares 10 aesthetics of joy, describing them, providing examples, and a personal story of how Ingrid discovered that specific pattern. What I love about this book is how it gives designers permission to use joy as part of the design process, taking it from superfluous to an integrated part of an experience.

Kathryn McElroy, Creative Director, Argodesign

Another one on the list is Mismatch by Kat Holmes. Highlighting inclusion-focused design, it details practical applications for classroom techniques.

This book is one-of-a-kind as I feel that it’s one of the first books to really take inclusive design out of an academic setting and into the working world. Nobody really wants to exclude people from their designs and this book shows you how you can avoid doing that.

Christina Mallon, Founder, Open Style Lab

Do yourself and your design a favor and pick one from Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan’s reading list at Fast Company.


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