There have been some pretty ballsy marketing moves made during the NFL’s big game, but this one might be the boldest, or at least, the most dramatic. The Mars Company announced that instead of putting their ad money behind a commercial, they got bit by the theater bug and are putting on their own Broadway play entitled: Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical.

To celebrate the biggest marketing day of the year, Skittles wanted to go bigger than the traditional 30-second big game ad. Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical is a one-show-only, live 30-minute spectacle, performed in the heart of Times Square in a 1,500 seat Broadway theater. Through song and dance, the show takes an absurdly self-reflective look at consumerism and the ever-increasing pervasiveness of brand advertising in our lives.

The Skittles Team

Now instead of tasting the rainbow, I can watch the first act, leave at intermission, and pretend like I saw the whole thing when I talk about it with my friends later. Here is more information on this one night wonder.


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