The future is here and Nike beat Marty McFly to the punch. The shoes that will bridge the gap between performance and design have been in the works for years, and are called the Nike Adapt BB. These crazy, mind-bending shoes are data-driven, collecting everything about movement and support while adapting to the wearer’s needs.

But more importantly, it’s the first digitally connected shoe that doesn’t just measure your activity the way Nike+ technologies have for years. Instead, the Adapt BB can actively alter its shape, adapting in ways that fixed foams and Flyknits never could, whether that’s locking on tight to your foot during a drive to the hoop, or just loosening your kicks into slipper mode after a long day at the office.

Mark Wilson, Senior Writer at Fast Company

Tying your shoes is overrated and so 2018. Mark Wilson at Fast Company gives you all of the details in his article here.


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