Group projects are always filled with a few people doing all of the work and then the too-cool-for-school slackers, mooching and trying to share the spotlight. Well, transfer that same idea into the world of technology and you have Google Maps doing all of the heavy lifting for the API data. According to researcher Lukas Stefanko, most of the popular navigation apps are nothing more than Google Maps with some pretty makeup and ads.

First discovered by ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, the 19 apps he tested were navigation apps with over 1 million installs each, totaling a combined install base of more than 50 million. Sadly, despite claims that these apps can help users map their routes or include tools such as a compass or speedometer, every single app ended up relying on Google Maps or its related API to perform the real work.

Sam Rutherford, Senior reporter at Gizmodo

Gizmodo brings all of the slackers to light in Sam Rutherford’s latest article.


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