We’re all being barraged by the onslaught of new year trends, things to do in 2019, and tips for a successful year ahead. So why should this article be any different? Well, the truth is that these insights are coming directly from CMOs who are in the know and have some great suggestions you should probably listen to.

…despite this gloomy forecast, many B2B CMOs are profoundly optimistic. Several see these challenges as opportunities, believing that with the right moves they will continue to be able to drive growth for their organizations. Here are nine such optimists, with the first four emphasizing the artistic side of marketing and the last five zeroing in how the application of technology will help them cut through in 2019.

Drew Neisser, Founder, and CEO of Renegade

Drew Neisser, the founder of Renegade, has rounded up some pretty interesting, and on the whole, optimistic opinions for 2019 on AdAge. Check out the whole article here, because these tips are, for once, worth reading.


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