The once boring, bland, social wasteland of LinkedIn is quickly blossoming into a marketing garden filled with possibilities. LinkedIn has committed to developing freshly designed tools and apps that gives companies the ability to reach clients, consumers, and members of the networking site. Fueled by AI, the latest tool, dubbed “Interest Targeting“, allows marketers to hone in on 200 topics for quick results.

LinkedIn continues to roll out new ad products. Last year, the platform added two new video capabilities, including video for sponsored content and video on company pages. The move was inspired by 46% of B2B advertisers saying that finding a quality environment to reach decision-makers with video is a top challenge. LinkedIn members spend nearly three-times more time watching video ads compared to static sponsored content, and videos are five-times more likely than other formats to start a conversation on the platform.

Erica Sweeney, Writer at Marketing Dive

Facebook replaces MySpace. Instagram outshines Twitter. Will LinkedIn become the new SnapChat? Does this mean I have to put a cool filter on my professional headshot? Maybe a little flower crown and big eyes? Check out the rest of the details at Marketing Dive.


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