Vaping is an ambiguous business at best, and Juul takes the top spot for tactics, planning, and marketing the smoking alternative. Like a vampire bleeding their victim just enough to keep them alive, Juul, the viral vaping company “started by smokers”, is preying on the aspects of smoking that lure people into the trap, to begin with.

The idea is that vaping offers a healthier choice than cigarettes but is it really?

Juul argues it can help people switch from obviously dangerous smoking to supposedly healthier vaping. But in reality, the tiny aluminum device helps people switch from nothing to vaping… which can lead some to start smoking the real thing. A study found it causes more people to pick up cigarettes than put them down. It estimated that in 2015, 2,070 cigarette-smoking adults quit with help from vaping, but 168,000 teens and young adults who used e-cigarettes eventually started smoking real cigarettes daily.

Josh Constine, Editor-at-large at TechCrunch

Read the full breakdown of how Juul preys on addiction from TechCrunch here.


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