Like two star-crossed lovers missing each other in the coffee shop, Apple and Samsung have been at odds for too long. Finally, it looks like there might be a happy ending after all. Apple just announced that it will bend the knee and offer an olive branch to Samsung by opening their extensive iTunes library to Samsung Smart TVs. This falls perfectly in line with Apple shifting gears and moving from hardware to software.

Revenue outside of our iPhone business grew by almost 19% year over year, including all-time record revenue from services, wearables and Mac. Our non-iPhone businesses have less exposure to emerging markets, and the vast majority of services revenue is related to the size of the installed base, not current period sales. Services generated over $10.8bn in revenues during the quarter, growing to a new quarterly record in every geographic segment, and we are on track to achieve our goal of doubling the size of this business from 2016 to 2020.

Tim Cook, Chief Executive for Apple in a letter to shareholders

Mirroring the classic Hallmark Christmas movies, everything works out in the end. See the full breakdown of the surprise move on The Guardian.


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