Our Scandinavian friends over at IKEA have quickly been pushing their way into the Smart home market and with the recent release of their Smart blinds, Kadrilj and Fyrtur, they seem to finally have put all the pieces in the box. When Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit aren’t eavesdropping on your conversations, they can be paired with the Kadrilj and Fyrtur models to make your life that much easier.

These products are joining Ikea’s growing list of smart home devices. Last year, the company launched its smart lighting solutions that competes with Philips Hue and LIFX. Before that, Ikea produced a few tables integrated with wireless charging pads.

Matt Burns, Senior editor at TechCrunch

These Smart Shades pair easily and roll down with a touch of the button. Combine them with your Smart home setup and you can cut the glare on the TV so you can continue binge-watching Netflix.

Matt Burns details the pricing and specs over at TechCrunch.


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