No matter where you stand politically when the government shuts down, we all get fucked. While the Republicans and Democrats duke it out over border walls and other stupid ideas, the country is left with unpaid TSA agents, cybersecurity holes, and a God knows how many employees sitting at home waiting for the over-paid morons to do the job they were elected to do and agree on something.

Cyber threats don’t operate on Washington’s political timetable, and they don’t stop because of a shutdown.

Lisa Monaco, former Homeland Security Advisor to the President, from Axios

It’s not like there’s a pause button on running a country or even for people’s lives. Every day that gets tacked onto the shutdown creates an abundance of problems that will affect our security both in the short-term and long-term.

Defending federal networks is already an act of triage, due to personnel shortages, legacy IT overhang, uneven risk management practices and a hostile threat environment. Furloughs make a hard job even harder.

Andrew Grotto, a former White House cybersecurity adviser for Presidents Obama and Trump and a current employee of Stanford’s Hoover Institution.

For more on the idiotic dominos falling from the shutdown, check out Security Editor, Zack Whittaker’s breakdown at TechCrunch.

Come on guys; get your shit together.


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