Gillette’s recent #MeToo-inspired ad has hit the internet and brought with it a potent smattering of both praise and anger. On one side you have the voice of change, calling out the “boys will be boys” mentality, calling it toxic masculinity. Fighting in the other corner, the opposing and currently, the loudest tone, is calling the ad “feminist propaganda” coming to the defense of men as a whole, not grouping masculinity into one toxic culture.

Responses both negative and positive to Gillette’s ad have been fierce, with the volume of negativity appearing to outweigh the positive, based on multiple sentiment analyses. One thing that can’t be denied is that the P&G brand has commanded the online marketing conversation for several days now, which could prove the “no PR is bad PR” adage true for the legacy razor maker.

Erica Sweeney, Writer at Marketing Dive

No matter where you sit on the issue, having these conversations are important, but what has this ad cost Gillette? The numbers don’t lie, and the anger is real. Will this be a longterm gain for a short-term loss or the other way around? Erica Sweeney unpacks the stats on the Marketing Dive.


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