Hey, do you remember when Facebook used to be fun? When it was filled with stupid pictures, your friends’ chaotic adventures, and of course, everyone’s relationship status was “complicated”? Well, the new “glow-up” challenge is bringing out the element of fun that Facebook has phased out long ago.

Privacy concerns over Facebook, trolling, and harassment have all created a stressful, unappealing online world that we’re slowly trying to tear ourselves away from. But the glow-up challenge was a fun, nostalgic reminder of what it was like when we first joined and who we used to be. We used to have fun on Facebook, and that’s all I see when I look at my friends’ facing this particular online challenge.

Julia Alexander, Reporter at The Verge

If this teaches the higher-ups and designers at Facebook one thing, it should be that they need to suck it up, glow-up, and bring the fun back. Julia Alexander shows us where they went wrong in her latest article on The Verge.


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