Guess what? We found another lie on the internet and it has nothing to do with Facebook! Oh, wait it does? Of course, it does. Ellen Pao, the outspoken ex-Reddit CEO has confirmed that the tangled web of traffic metrics are nothing but a bunch of bullshit. She even goes as far to breakdown logged-in vs. logged-out mobile users.

Ellen Kao, the former CEO of Reddit reveals the truths behind traffic metrics.

These revelations are expanding on a recently published article from New York Magazine that delves into the fake accounts, statistics, and a vast array of other faux reporting from some of the biggest tech companies on the web. It adds to the fray that Marketing Land unleashed, saying that Facebook was found to be misrepresenting the metrics in several different ways including how many viewers actually watched a video.

Ellen Kao offers her insights to the whole debacle with Zerohedge here and if you want to go further down the rabbit hole with New York Magazine, take the green pill and follow Max Read into the internet abyss.


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