We’re not even a full month into 2019 and the marketing world is charging forward with a full head of steam. Trying to stay a few steps in front of the next marketing trend is as hard as it is for Facebook to stay ahead of their scandals, but I digress. Kashish Jhamb over at Entrepreneur has put together a must-read list for the marketing masses to help ride the digital waves of 2019.

Indeed digital marketing is changing the way we market our products to consumers directly. It also saw interactive chatbots in the spotlight. Voice search, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies have all seen a spike in the way marketing strategies are being built. According to research, 24 percent of marketers around the world have agreed that social media has been one of their key strategies over the past two years.

Kashish Jhamb, Executive Director-CEO, City Innovates

Read the full list here.


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