We all remember “the talk”. It was awkward, embarrassing, and a rite of painful passage we all had to deal with. Even if we already knew the answers for years from information handed down from friends, siblings, AOL, or Skin-a-max, “the talk” was inevitable. Planned Parenthood just designed a chatbot called Roo to help deliver reliable answers to “hard to ask” questions kids and teens might be afraid to bring up.

Designed by the New York-based design and technology company Work & Co, the chatbot, called Roo, can answer questions about health, bodies, relationships, and what kind of services Planned Parenthood provides. The purple interface is cheerful and friendly, and runs through what kinds of questions you can ask as well as informing you that everything said is confidential and private. The bot asks for a gender to better tailor answers (and includes five different gender options as well as the option to skip), and then the chat screen opens up. You can either type in a question you have, or browse a host of questions, including “How do I tell someone I like them?” “What’s the right age to have sex for the first time?” and “What will happen to me if I masturbate too much?”

Katharine Schwab, Associate Editor at Fast Company

Designed with real questions from teens and medically relevant answers, Roo will be the first chatbot of its kind. Fast Company breaks down the design elements here.


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