Marketing is all about creating engagement with your customers and showcasing the product in unique, innovative ways. Sometimes that requires looking at the product from a different angle and shaping a narrative around it. In AT&T’s case, they took it a few steps further and manufactured a whole fake feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, LG V30, or LG V40. The “5G” logo that shows up on the phone doesn’t connect to 5G at all, leading customers on a wild connection chase.

To win the 5G marketing wars, AT&T has decided to brand portions of its LTE network as “5G Evolution.” These portions of AT&T’s network have received speed-boosting upgrades and should be faster than typical LTE, but AT&T isn’t doing anything that other carriers haven’t already implemented. And these are still, by definition, LTE technologies — not 5G ones. So this is exclusively about marketing, not about improving your phone.

Jacob Kastrenakes, Reports Editor at The Verge

Other than that tiny little “e” the customer would never know there was a diffence. Nice marketing assholes. The Verge goes in-depth on the false claims and how AT&T is responding here.


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