It’s a fine line between embellishing the truth to create a user experience and diving straight into a pool full of lies and hollow promises. With the rise of fake news spreading like a flu epidemic, what role does marketing play in all of the misleading statements? From the golden age of Mad Men to our current “Insta-sham” life, marketing has been creating beautiful little lies all around us and fogging up the truth.

There’s a famous clip of Bill Hicks talking about advertising and it being the ‘ruiner of all things good’, filling the world with ‘bile and garbage’. The crowd cheers. Fast forward a decade or two and we have Donald Trump in the White House, telling people to not trust the mainstream media and talking about ‘fake news’. I’m not saying advertising is to blame for that but prioritizing profits over honesty has created a world where lies wash over us and we are expected to sit back and take it… while getting our wallets out.

David Johnston, Founder of Accept & Proceed

So where does this put us in the marketing world? David Johnston walks us through our share of the blame lies in his latest article on The Drum.


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