Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the fight of the century is about to begin.  Fighting in the blue corner; the social scandal, the privacy pirate, everyone’s favorite posting platform: Facebook! And in the simply silver corner; the Silicon Valley scourge, the alphabet alpha, the turtle neck techie, Apple! Well, it appears that Facebook has pissed off the wrong company this time, and their new “Research” app is being pulled from Apple’s good graces.

The Research app was distributed to its users through Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program. This, itself, is a violation of Apple’s policies as these apps are only meant to be distributed internally within companies and organizations. In August, Facebook was forced to remove its Onavo VPN app from the App Store due to the fact that the application violated Apple’s data collection policies.

In its investigative report, Techcrunch found that the Research app shared plenty of code from the Onavo VPN app. It seems as if Facebook used Apple’s Enterprise system as a workaround knowing the iPhone maker wouldn’t approve its app otherwise.

Matt Binder, Writer at Mashable

See the whole breakdown over at Mashable.


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