Everyone is putting out their lists for what professional styles will be hot in 2019, which life hacks you need to incorporate into your business life, and who to follow on social for the new year. But what about the daily trends we overlook? All of these little commonplace building blocks set the tone for our daily interactions and then domino into every aspect of our lives.

Coach Tony over at Coach.me created a poll that ranks the importance of these small habits and shows where people want to shift our focus for the upcoming year.

Last year I pulled the most popular habits to track from Coach.me’s database. Surprisingly, the list changes quite a bit from year to year.

These are based on what habits people have been signing up for as we head into 2019. You might find the list inherently interesting as a view into the ambitions of other people. Or, hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration for new habits you might work on.

Coach Tony, CEO/Founder of Coach.me

Check out his list and see if you agree.


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