This just in: Our workplace is bad for us.

How in the hell did it take this long for this to become news? It takes Jeffrey Pfeffer, a Stanford professor, to bring to light the fact that cubicles, fluorescent lights, and a stressful environment are doing damage to the human will? Apparently, all of these things are having ill-effects on us, and companies need to rethink everything from the work-space to the work-week.

We are harming both company performance and individual well-being, and this needs to be the clarion call for us to stop. There is too much damage being done.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Check out this great Q & A that Dylan Walsh dives into with Pfeffer, explaining the detrimental effects of the ways companies are slowly draining us of our life force.

Now I can say that I’m lazy for health reasons and take emotional support naps.


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