Aside from stressed-out parents, ridiculously long lines, and hell-birthed traffic, the other element that goes hand-in-hand with the Christmas Season is the Coca-Cola Santa Claus. This brilliant marketing collaboration was brought to life in 1920’s, and foundationally changed the face of Christmas across the world.

Kris Kringle sits at the center of a story world that is well suited to brand messaging. The emphasis on sharing joy is not only a fortuitous partner to Coca-Cola’s brand purpose; it is at the heart of a compelling narrative structure that engages and informs.

Every year we add to our personal Santa story, and Coke’s ubiquitous ads ensure that the brand plays at least a small role. These stories are cumulative and, adages aside, familiarity breeds fondness — the older we get, the more these stories mean to us.

Peter Minnium, over at Marketing Land, delves into the holiday traditions that Coca-Cola effortlessly weaves into the Santa narrative.


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