There are some brands out there that desperately needed the help of a good ol’ rebranding and 2018 was the year to get it. Throw in some new fonts, typefaces, colors, a few updated logos and you have yourself the makings of a great brand overhaul. This year we saw some much-needed revamps to some tried-and-true brands, and at the same time damage control for others.

Our friends over at AdWeek have created a gluten-free, free range, and humanely curated list of the top 10 rebrands of 2018. While some, like Uber, are continuing to revamp themselves several times over due to the pitfalls of continued scandals, others like the Toys ‘R’ Us rebrand is more of a revival that the public is crying for.

See what the magic of a rebrand can do for a company and some of the companies who used the enchantment of marketing to their advantage.


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