I bet you’re thinking to yourself that today is going to be a pretty productive day, right? Nope. The internet is filled with puppy videos, stupid human tricks, and of course, time-wasting games. Since it’s the season for the man in the big red sleigh to deliver me my annual bucket of coal, I thought it might be nice to share a Santa-themed game you can enjoy while you pretend to be working.

Snow Line is a benign, mindless game designed to let you help Santa land his sleigh, and get to the finish line. You simply draw a white line of snow to guide him in the right direction. Simple enough right? Well, enjoy the obstacles, twists, turns, and deceptively easy-looking scenarios.

Snow Ling quickly becomes the season's best time wasting game.

Brought to life by MiniClip, you can listen to some holiday tunes while you let the day slip away and productivity become a thing of the past. On the other hand, these are the types of games that humans need in order to actually stay productive.

Let me explain.

Your brain can only handle so much monotony, meetings about meetings, and emails about those meetings that should have never happened in the first place. Your brain needs to breathe. Take ten minutes (which will turn into 30 real quick) to play a game like Snow Line and hit the reset button. The recharge will do you some good.

Now, I can pretty much rationalize anything, and playing a game at work seems like small potatoes for defending my other beliefs (all-day happy hour, open bars at work, and puppies would be even better if they were ticklish), Snow Line might not make you the greatest employee, but it certainly won’t make you the worst.

‘Tis the season.


Ryan is the content guy at Rareview and thankfully, not related to the Pearsons. Bringing over a decade of writing to the table, as well as a hefty pour of bourbon, his delusions of grandeur keep him writing and drinking.

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