Well, I guess a beautiful relationship like Netflix and Apple couldn’t last forever. Netflix just announced that it won’t be supporting in-app subscriptions for new members anymore, which means the world won’t be able to sign-up through iTunes. To binge watch your favorite shows or to practice some Netflix and Chill, you’ll have to create an account on the native Netflix site.

It started testing the change in select markets back in August and rolled it out to everyone in the world in November. Those who want to pay for a subscription will now have to do so via the platform’s website. That includes those who used to pay via iTunes if it’s been a month since they canceled their subscription.

Mariella Moon, Author at Engadget

With Apple taking anywhere from 15% – 30% of the profits of every transaction, it makes sense, but damn it, now I have another password to remember.

Mariella Moon over at Engadget gives the full report of the breakup.


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