Life is filled with twists, turns, curveballs, and detours that push us into uncharted waters. This is especially true for women who may experience life-changing moments, like having a child. Many may alter their life-direction, steering them far from the path of the workplace making it seem like an impossible journey if chosen to return to. To assist this transition, organizations like The Mom Project are gaining attention to help support women balance family and the workforce work after taking time away.

We, as a company, believe the diversity of our workforce gives us a competitive advantage, so we were instantly drawn to the business model The Mom Project has created. We continue to come back because the moms continue to deliver.

Jane Curran, Director of Recruiting 

The Mom Project helps mothers get back into the workplace.

Currently operating in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Fransico, The Mom Project just received an $8 million Series A that will bring them to a total of $11 million in funding. Led by investing groups like Initialized Capital and Grotech Ventures, The Mom Project is planning to expand their support, options, and industry offerings so that more women can blend work-life with home-life on their own terms.

We must do a better job of supporting professionals building careers and families. At The Mom Project, we’re committed to helping women remain active in the workforce in every stage in their journey and we’re proud to work with employers who are committed to designing and supporting a better workplace… Mothers are a major growth engine in our economy and represent a significant share of our nation’s intellectual capital — yet 43% of skilled American women leave the workplace after becoming mothers.

The Mom Project Team

The roots of The Mom Project took hold back in 2016 when founder, Allison Robinson, was on maternity leave from her job at (you can’t make this stuff up) Pampers. She began to dissect the process of recruitment, the organization of job-focused websites, and the journey back to the office. What she found was a lack of flexibility and support. Robinson began to design an organization that would cater to the juggling act of the working mother.

Allison and her team have built an incredible marketplace of diverse talent for companies and I look forward to working with The Mom Project to execute on their vision of helping to close the gender gap in the workplace.

Julia Taxin, Partner at Grotech & Mom Project board member

It’s companies like the Mom Project that are spearheading awareness of how real life fits into the business world and not the other way around. From remote teams and shared offices to workplace campuses, companies are making strides to humanize expectations while increasing the quality of the employee experience.

You know what they always say… If you employ a happy mom, your business is the bomb.


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