So what happens when thieves start taking deliveries off the porch of a NASA engineer who also runs a successful YouTube channel? Well, when the cops won’t do anything, Mr. Mark Rober decided to take matters into his own, overly-capable hands. Armed with a shit-ton of the world’s most annoyingly sticky glitter, some very potent fart spray, and years of design engineering, Rober created the ultimate bait package.

After having several packages stolen from in front of his home, Rober set off on a journey that would lead him to create a bait package that records what happens when glitter and fart spray are unleashed on unsuspecting thieves. The project ballooned from a small undertaking into intricate plans involving electronic engineers, accomplished designers, and former NASA colleagues. The end results are some of the most hilarious and well-thought-out moments you’ll see on YouTube.

Check it out.

The beauty of mixing GPS-tracking equipment, cloud-based technology, and the combination of glitter and fart spray simply reeks of genius. The best part is that the system records from every angle and onto the cloud, allowing Rober to help authorities. I guess messing with one of the engineers who worked on the Mars Curiosity Rover over at that little place called the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory might be a bad idea.

Now I am by no means suggesting, or even recommending that you try this at home. The fact that Robers is a certified NASA engineer with a resume longer than a CVS receipt for five items, and the resources to pull this off safely is a testament to his dedication to proper design.

The true beauty behind the execution of this idea is the justice it serves. While more than likely, none of these package-stealing morons will wind up in jail, the videos serve as a digital arm of the law, alerting neighbors and viewers to potential robberies.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Ryan is the content guy at Rareview and thankfully, not related to the Pearsons. Bringing over a decade of writing to the table, as well as a hefty pour of bourbon, his delusions of grandeur keep him writing and drinking.

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