While the government is shut-down, NORAD is still tracking Santa to make sure he delivers on his government contract. Now Chevy owners can join in the fun by pressing their OnStar button to get the up-to-date whereabouts of everyone’s favorite flying fat man.

On December 24, owners of the company’s Chevrolet branded vehicles, including the Traverse and Tahoe SUVs, Silverado truck, and Cruze sedan, can push the OnStar button and get a real-time update on Santa’s whereabouts. Only Chevrolet owners with an active OnStar plan can push their blue OnStar button to request a Santa Update and learn Santa’s current location.

Kirsten Korosec, Tech Crunch

Adding to the spirit of Christmas, Chevrolet is planning on donating a dollar to the American Red Cross for every update on the Claus.

Each year we receive thousands of Santa Update requests. It’s a fun way for Chevrolet owners to use technology to connect their families with important information about Santa’s journey and spread holiday cheer.

Stacey Unold, director of Contact Center Operations supporting Chevrolet

Check out the rest of Tech Crunch’s piece on Chevy’s Santa-tracking ability.


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