There are feuds, there are fights, and then there are internet promotions that are just impressively mean. Burger King is relaunching their ordering app and enticing users to go to McDonald’s, open their app while on site, and order a Whopper from the location of their largest competitor. In the words of the great Martin Lawrence, “Damn Gina.”

Technically, you have to be within 600 feet of the actual golden arches, but seeing the look on the cashier’s face while you order a Whopper will be priceless. Designed to highlight the geofencing feature of the app, this amazing, and well-marketed campaign only lasts through December 12th, culminating with an epic “Whopper Wednesday”, so you better act fast.

Burger King has done an amazing job in the marketing arena these past few years. While most of them have been poking fun at McDonald’s quality, flat-top grills, and frozen meat offerings, this is the first time they’ve stepped over the line and into the physical territory of the nugget-slinging behemoth.

In April, the Miami-based chain released an advertising campaign that showed former McDonald’s executives owned grills. (Burger King grills its burgers, while McDonald’s cooks its burgers on a flat-top griddle.) Another advertising campaign compared Ronald McDonald to Pennywise, the murderous clown from Stephen King’s “It.”

Amelia Lucas

While spending only a penny on a delicious, flame-grilled burger sounds like a great deal, be warned. Are you really going to just order the burger, or do you need fries, a drink, and maybe some Cheesy Tots for later? Yeah, it’s just a trap to get you to buy more with a simple click, but it’s a delicious trap.

Now that you know what you’re doing for lunch, will you grab us a Whopper and some chicken McNuggets while you’re at McDonald’s? Old habits die hard. (Extra BBQ and Sweet & Sour sauce, please!)


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