2018 set the stage for the digital battleground between the ever-growing assortment of streaming apps and outlets. From the public outcry to spare Friends from being kicked to the curb by Netflix and the $100 million dollar deal with Warner Media that saved it, to Disney+ launching all of their channels under one parent-friendly umbrella app, this past year pushed streaming to the next level.

Netflix is just one of a trio of streaming titans, all of which had notable years, at least creatively: Hulu invested in original movies and found itself an Oscar contender, while Homecoming proved Amazon could make a small-screen hit with a big-time movie star.

Brian Raftery, author at Wired

With more platforms getting into the game like Acorn TV, Crunchyroll, CollegeHumor and a whole host of others, 2019 is poised to raise the bar even higher.

Brian Raftery breaks down what to expect in his new article on Wired.



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