2018 has been a particularly rough year for finding the “truth” on the internet. The media pushes the public’s opinion this way and that depending on what serves their best interests. Major companies like Facebook and Uber found themselves in hot water and just can’t seem to find the shallow end. All of the scandals and false findings have made this past year feel like a giant M. Night Shyamalan movie.

The internet has always been awash with misinformation and hate, but never has it felt so inescapable and overwhelming as it did this year. From Facebook’s role in fanning the flames of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar to the rise of QAnon to the so-called migrant caravan to the influence campaign conducted by the Kremlin’s Internet Research Agency, 2018 was a rough year to be online, regardless of the strength of your media literacy skills.

Paris Martineau, Author at Wired

While this might be the perfect time to dive into the psychology of media and its effects on the masses, the public is beginning to realize that those effects reach further than we expected.

Wired details the circus that was 2018 here.


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