2018 was filled with some truly amazing ad campaigns that did everything from unite us to divide us, but no matter what, they engaged us. From controversial to emotionally, the marketing trends of 2018 “humanized” the customer experience and relied heavily on evolving the perception of the brand relationship.

The list, created by AdWeek, offers some great insights and moments in the world of marketing.

Nike’s polarizing “Dream Crazy” campaign with everyone’s favorite bended-knee athlete, Colin Kaepernick, transcended the sports-focused brand with a clear, unapologizing message.

It’s the most human idea of the year, maybe of the last 10 years. The best part was watching much of the social universe say ‘this will ruin Nike,’ then just as sneakers burned all over the internet, Nike’s stock rose over 6 percent, online sales grew over 30 percent, and engagement with the brand rose to record levels. Like all great advertising, it changed behavior, made people think, and sold more stuff. It showed us that doing the right thing can be the perfect thing for a brand.

Marie Rockett, VP and group creative director at Allen & Gerritsen

On the other hand, Bud Light’s Victory Fridge’s for Cleveland offered the opening of treasured free beer fridge’s all across the city when the team finally broke their losing streak.

I’m not a Cleveland fan, but even I loved seeing the fans rejoicing and the fridges being unlocked when the Browns finally won. What a great, simple, big idea.

Dan Kelleher, Deutsch New York’s Chief Creative Officer

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