We live in a world of constant social assault across every medium. From bus stop ads to commercials in-between Candy Crush moves, we have messages and CTAs in our face more than we care to know. Marketers are brilliant storytellers that handcraft tales, woven together to inspire us to buy a product, be a better person, and fall in line with their funnel scheme.

So how do they know us so well? Studies, research, and more research, that’s how.

But what happens when brands forget about their audience? What happens when they become so complacent to their assumed devotion, that the company turns a blind eye to small problems or one-off situations?

For a successful campaign or marketing attack you need to know your audience, and find out what drives them.

Well, there’s this thing called the internet, and people use it to communicate. And you know what? People have opinions about everything!

That one small misstep of taking your audience for granted, or failing to understand the growing needs of a community, turns the tide against you and it’s time for a costly, and usually marginally effective, rebrand.

“Who is your reader?” Morris asked. “What keeps him or her up at night? What do you know or what stories can you tell to help alleviate any pain or suffering or frustration they are feeling? When you empathize in this way, you set yourself on the track of creating content that will be meaningful and impactful.”
Jerod Morris, Vice president of marketing at Rainmaker Digital

Expensive ad campaigns mean nothing unless you know what your audience wants.

You can have the most expensive and detailed campaign built to impress, but if it falls on deaf ears, then you have nothing.

In order to make sure your campaign is successful, your branding is focused, and even your crisis control is on point, you need to make sure all of your channels of engagement are hitting their marks.

The wonderful world of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are littered with communication, both positive and negative, regarding company interactions. Controlling these channels with reinforced brand attention allows businesses to keep on top of small sparks that can easily turn into out-of-control wildfires. Keeping your demographics happy staves off possible oversights and keeps your finger on the pulse of the community you’re paying so much money to target.

“Marketing is really about building relationships … not just taking, but something you can offer them too.” Lindsey Myers, founder of Concrete Blonde Consulting

Knowing what and when to offer it is key to scheduling launches and brand pivots. Whether you’re putting together the analytics for an upcoming marketing move or running the day-to-day dealings, the audience guides where the ship goes, but you need to steer it. Make sure that as you grow, you also grow the relationship between customers and the brand, and don’t let it wilt away.

Interact. Listen. Don’t overlook.


Ryan is the content guy at Rareview and thankfully, not related to the Pearsons. Bringing over a decade of writing to the table, as well as a hefty pour of bourbon, his delusions of grandeur keep him writing and drinking.

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