It’s not often that we get to say something is new or different anymore. It all seems the same. Creativity is at an all-time low with Hollywood falling back on rebooting any movie they can, the art world waits for Banksy to innovate, and music is being led by the likes of Cardi B.

(God we need help… no, seriously… God we NEED some help!)

Enter the brilliant minds and talent-laden band, OK Go.

Armed with catchy tunes and a shit load of creativity, they bring something refreshingly unique and inspiring to the realm of Billboard charts: A love of design.

Design meets music with OK Go's user experience.
(courtesy of OK GO)

Pull up a chair, open up your laptop, and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing visual experience filled with a user experience that integrates elements of design into every music video. Their viral and inspiring Youtube channel showcases video after video of an elevated design experience that fuses driving drum beats with a body-moving pop/rock sound.

From performing their song Upside Down and Inside Out in zero-gravity to turning a warehouse space into a carnival of visual illusions and concepts in The Writing’s on the Wall, they are constantly pushing the musical and visual experience to the next level.

As the band has evolved over the last 15 years, the creative palette we work with has expanded in so many unexpected and gratifying directions.
~ Damian Kulash, OK Go frontman

Their DIY nature lends itself to a seemingly endless array of out-of-the-box concepts that mirror the band’s passion for creativity and perception. Taking the normal and making it extraordinary has been OK Go’s calling card since their viral treadmill choreography on Here it Goes Again nine years ago.

Relying on a physical creation of illusions that bend the viewers’ reality rather than CGI and green screens, OK Go creates lasting moments by building engaging landscapes that highlight a common theme: Creativity.

Formed as a quartet in Chicago in 1998 and relocated to Los Angeles three years later, OK Go (Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka, Andy Ross) have spent their career in a steady state of transformation.
~ OK Go

Continuing to transform both their music and style, OK Go is everything that is right with the music world and why I still have some hope. Refusing the swim with the rest of the guppies, Damian, Tim Nordwind, Dan, and Andy are paving the way into an unknown universe where design inspires music and forges a new experience for the art-deprived masses.


Ryan is the content guy at Rareview and thankfully, not related to the Pearsons. Bringing over a decade of writing to the table, as well as a hefty pour of bourbon, his delusions of grandeur keep him writing and drinking.

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