We’ve all been affected by the wretched world of cancer. It strikes the best people while bringing families and friends to their knees. With so much money being poured into research and development of treatments, we finally have some positive news to report. Cancer just got a nemesis and its name is Ezra.

Starting with its fight against prostate cancer, Ezra uses next-gen AI technology to read MRI scans in order to detect cancer earlier, faster, and without painful biopsies. This cancer-fighting organization works like a small community where interested parties request to sign up, then pay a single year fee of $999. This fee gives you access to an MRI scan done at Lenox Hill Radiology, in New York City, then read by an expert radiologist. Your results will be delivered within 48 hours, so the whole process takes less than a weekend.

If you try to book a single MRI slot, you’ll be charged around $1500 or higher. Ezra works by buying time slots in bulk and offering the discount to its members.

A recent study concluded that if prostate biopsies were directed by MRI findings, up to 18% more cases of clinically significant cancer might be detected compared with the standard pathway of prostate biopsy for all. Furthermore, using MRI to triage men might allow 27% of patients to avoid an unnecessary biopsy, and all the complications that may come with it2.

The Ezra Team

MRI technology is being used by the Ezra company to detect prostate cancer early.

Having just raised over $4 million in funding, they are on their way to working with the FDA to provide programs that will be covered by insurance.

We’re also building Artificial Intelligence technology, the Ezra AI, that’s designed to assist radiologists in their analysis and make them more accurate and productive. After further study of our AI technology, we plan to seek FDA clearance and make the Ezra AI available to radiologists. Our aim is simple: To develop the next generation prostate cancer screening technology.

The Ezra AI Team

While Ezra is leading the way with non-invasive testing for prostate cancer, we can’t stop there. As the tentacles of cancer grow into new areas, so should the medical world. It can no longer be just a treatment, but a solution. Start with the testing and then implement the same standards, technology, and methods into the process of getting people better.

Companies like Ezra need to be the model to follow for other cancer research institutes.

Cancer can no longer be a cash cow for big Pharma with fund-draining pills and hollow promises. Is Ezra paving the way for the future of treatment? God, we hope so.


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