Design is a fluid art and designing for the web is even more so. Earlier this year, Mozilla’s brilliant Jen Simmons gave an empowering and revealing speech that laid out the world of web design and the changes that are taking place.

Jen believes in change and understands how the increasing importance of the user experience dictates the direction of both web page and mobile design. Her advocacy for helping to create a blueprint for what’s ahead is allowing designers in every creative facet to ready their tools and add to the development process.

I’ve become obsessed with web page layout. I expect everything about layout design is about to change because we are getting real tools in CSS to do amazing things that were previously impossible. I’ve spent the last three years researching what’s happening and is coming. You can watch my presentations, read my writing about layout, and check out my experiments. I recently joined the CSS Working Group, to dive deeper into the CSS specifications and have more influence on what comes next.

Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons from Mozilla walks us through the coming changes for web design.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m designing for a stage, a piece of paper, a stereo, or a screen — every project is about consciously creating an experience for another person, and presenting it to them. I’ve been doing just that for over 20 years.

Jen Simmons

She understands the user experience and how to design for it and is paving the way for change. This is a great talk for designers and developers and I highly recommend you take the time to view it.


Chuck is the Design Brother and CEO of Rareview, where he's been lucky as all hell to win several design awards, including the coveted Webby Award. Now he really thinks he's a designer.

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