Did you vote? the big question at the top of everyone’s mind should be, why is this process so arduous. Instead of spending time getting people out to vote, maybe we should all look a little harder at the experience. Doesn’t it feel that voting machines, polls, people registering last minute are all just designed for failure?

Take the current issues trending today as an example: voting machine fails.

If you spend any time at all, and I mean three seconds on Google, you’ll find that the process of voting is broken. It’s not who you vote for (Dem/Rep/Other), it’s not when or where; it’s HOW you vote. We’re living in the age of Elon Musk flying his car through space, Apple knows where you are at every moment of the day, but we’re still voting the same way we did decades ago, are we creating barriers instead of tearing down walls? (pun intended)

Why do we not have an option for a government-regulated app or an ATM-style punch screen that actually spits out a receipt that recounts my exact voting record? The bank can tell me, down to the cent and time, the details of my transaction. Our receipts from CVS use a whole forest to produce, and yet for one of the greatest and most pivotal freedoms, we get a sticker that you can use to hashtag on Instagram?

We all love the "I voted" sticker, but it mirrors the antiquated system.

The argument has been, at least since the elections in 2000, that updating the format will exclude generations of non-computer savvy folk from having their voice heard.  To me, that’s a horrible excuse and doesn’t hold weight. If the President can text every American directly, then we should have a similar ability available to us? In pivotal races, the experience is everything and can have major implications for policies moving forward.

Times have changed, and options are endless. We need to at least offer a more precise and recordable way of picking elected officials. If we can Venmo our friends for a bill, deposit a check via our phone, or facetime grandma, how come we have to go to an old gym, wait in line, then punch holes in a machine we aren’t even sure will record the right votes?

This isn’t a Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green Party, or House Party thing, this is a design thing. The solution is amazingly simple and all the designers out there know it, so instead of looking at just voter registration, lets maybe step back and look at the experience!

Now that is something a celebrity should be getting behind… (Hint hint Leonardo and Brad.)



Rob is the better looking Marketing brother and CMO of Rareview. When he’s not marketing or changing diapers, he loves running, buying overpriced Jordan’s, and reliving stories about his glory days that are long passed.

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