Mexico’s refreshing ocean breezes, frat boys chugging lime-laced Coronas, and the palate-pleasing food, welcome Amazon’s intrusively helpful Alexa. Just when you thought that Amazon would stop at 40 countries, they’ve decided to add one more to their ever-growing list of the personal assistant’s strongholds.

Launching pre-orders for their Echo, Smart Plug, Dot, Plus, and Spot, Amazon is grabbing its sunglasses and dancing shoes and setting up shop in the sun-kissed country of Mexico. The preorders were opened today, with the hope that the program will begin shipping sometime within the next week or so.

Alexa goes south into Mexico to bring her personal charm.

While Alexa’s talents have already landed in Spain, the dialogue between the two Spanish-speaking countries proved to be different enough to require quite a few changes and tweaks to get it ready for Mexico. Taking into account the local customs, jargon, and cultural styles, Amazon has had to take care building skills so that Alexa could live up to all of the hype.

“Tens of millions of customers around the world are already using Alexa, and today we’re excited to introduce the service to our customers in Mexico. We’ve built an entirely new experience from the ground up that honors Mexican culture, enabling customers to just ask to play their favorite music, get the news and weather, control their smart home, set reminders, enjoy local skills, and more. Plus, in addition to Echo, device makers like Sonos, Bose, and Harman Kardon are also launching devices with Alexa built-in. This experience has been custom-made for Mexico, and we cannot wait to hear what our customers think.” ~ Toni Reid, Vice President, Amazon Alexa

Boasting millions of sales last year and over 150,000 5-star reviews, the Echo devices are slowly heading towards global domination. I’m pretty sure there was a movie or two created about this, I just can’t remember what it was called. Anyways, I’ll be back.


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