We know that “No-shave-November” just started and the mere mention of a man’s baby-smooth cheeks will incite stubble lovers across the world, but hey, we’ve got news to report. The upstart razor company, The Dollar Shave Club, is venturing past trimming and grooming, and into the world of colognes to hide your natural odor with a premium scent. Michael Dublin, founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, is bringing in the big guns on this venture for help.

Pairing with famed smell-good specialist Ann Gottlieb, the Dollar Shave Club is putting an upscale twist on their bare-bones approach to manscaping. The partnership with Gottlieb gives Dollar Shave some weight and authority in the cologne landscape and pretty much immediately makes it an interesting product, not just a semi-calculated growth tactic. Gottlieb’s presence on the project lends not only her endless knowledge of the cologne and retail world but her credibility as well.

Dollar Shave Club launches the Blueprint line of colognes in select markets.
(Photo courtesy of Dollar Shave Club)

“I believe fragrance is the defining feature of many products across categories. Dollar Shave Club has chosen to make fragrance an investment and a defining feature of our product line.”
Michael Dublin, DSC Founder & CEO

The Blueprint series offers nine different scents ranging from the sweet-smelling Blueprint 102 with citrus, bergamot, and lavender, to Blueprint 203 featuring the aromas of sandalwood and vetiver. So basically, they’ve covered the fragrant gamut for every smell profile.

Not only will these fragrances be available online, but Dublin has planned an automated attack for the release as well. Posting up vending machines in “high-traffic” areas like San Fransico, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York, Dollar Shave is bringing their sweet-smelling potions to where men need it the most: odorous public places.

“We view our automated retail machine as a large interactive billboard through which consumers can get introduced to their favorite products and increase awareness that we offer numerous grooming categories beyond shaving products. With the evolution of our business model, we are not only upping the number of products we offer, but we are also presenting our members greater personalization and service, flexibility and customization—automated retail is a part of this.”
Nick Virginio, Senior Brand Development Manager

With the individual colognes selling for $50 for mL, the “warm” and “fresh” sets (3 x 15 mL bottles) for $50, and both for $70, you’ve got no excuse to not smell like your best self.


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