The shoe gods at Converse have heard your pleas and they have been merciful. Just in time for the rain, snow, mud, and muck-covered walks Converse releases the Mountain Club edition of the famed Chuck Taylors. This iconic brand has been around for nearly a century, and with its diehard following, it was high time that GORE-TEX became a wintertime protector for the cult-following brand.

Harkening back to their days producing rubber-focused boots for all-season activities and with a nod to their time of manufacturing boots for the military in WWII, these Chucks are a whole lot of badass fueled by fashion.

“We’ve used the classic styles of extreme cold, and rubber. We thought it made sense to go back in time.”
Phil Russo, Converse Global Creative Director

Rubber and GOR-TEX meet fashion in Converse's new Chuck Taylors.
[Photo: Converse]

This is one of the latest and greatest from the brand who has partnered with creatives like Tyler the Creator to blend a unique fashion-forward sense with classic inspiration. The Chuck Tayor MC18 brings with it a sturdy sole with an all-terrain grip that protects from the biting cold, wet weather, and even the onslaught of snow. Created out of a rugged, light material the fabric is fused with the sought-after GORE-TEX and dipped in a water-repellant material to keep your little toesies nice and dry.

The all-weather Chuck Taylors can be worn anywhere.
[Photo: Converse]

“Using this utility design lens, the new collection reinterprets three classic Converse styles — the Chuck Taylor All Star, One Star and Fastbreak — adding GORE-TEX® technology to make the shoes waterproof. The result: The Mountain Club line is at once stylish and functional.”
The Nike Team

Hitting stores on November 8th, these bad boys will run you anywhere from $120 to $150. The Mountain Club Series also continues the trend of transparency in design, keeping many of the elements that go into the manufacturing “raw” for the consumer. Like the rustic exposed beams or charming antique brick, these production materials aren’t covered up but conversely, pushed into the spotlight.

“I think consumers are more informed and curious, and there’s a certain beauty to revealing how things are built and what’s inside. People want to be inside many things, what’s happening with the environment, and our government,” says Russo. “When those things are beautiful, it’s much more gratifying.”
Davide Grasso, Converse CEO

When beauty and brawn come together, it’s a GOR-geous thing.

Finally the Chuck Taylors get the winter coat they deserve.
[Photo: Converse]

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