The word of the day is “Positivity” and brands are drinking it up like it’s water, well, more like it’s Coca-Cola. The famed soda company decided to wipe all of its social media down to a clean blank slate, and start over with a positive approach.

We took a step back and looked at content across our platforms and realized that while we’re proud of this work, it didn’t feel like it was coming from one cohesive point of view. We felt like it was a great opportunity, on World Kindness Day, to literally and figuratively ‘refresh our feed’ and take our platforms back to where the brand thrives. This is meant to be a visual punctuation… a clear shift.

Sarah Traverso, group director at the Coca-Cola North America Social Center

It’s a slow tide-turning trend that is taking into account the challenging times that seem to be driving so much of what is on TV and the social channels. From heart-wrenching moments across the world to internet trolls stirring the pot for pleasure, negativity has been dominating our feeds for too long. Coke’s answer to the hollow sadness that has engulfed all of the social platforms? #RefreshTheFeed.

#Refreshthefeed is Coca-cola's new campaign that aligns with World Kindness Day

Kindness, joy, happiness, and caring are literally built into the campaign. This follows the same path Coke has taken before with “Share a Coke” and everyone’s favorite “Polar Bear Holiday” campaigns.

Consumers today are seeking out more positive, uplifting and shareworthy content in social because the world – especially the digital sphere – can be so divisive, at times. Our fans are looking for things that make them smile, which is a great insight for Coca-Cola because it aligns to our values of optimism, uplift and bringing people together to share moments of happiness.

Sarah Traverso, group director at the Coca-Cola North America Social Center

Coca-cola refreshes their social feeds with kindness.

Going dark on Friday and emerging as a butterfly out of heaven, Coca-Cola’s feed coincided with World Kindness Day and brought with it messages of joy and care. Their reinvention is putting a stamp on their brand with the power of a dominant global reach.

Come to think of it, these are the same guys who invented our modern idea of Santa. Coke is getting everything on their Christmas list this year. Hopefully, more brands and outlets will follow suit in highlighting what brings us together and not what has come to divide us.


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