Where does our accountability as consumers begin and where does the responsibility of companies end? The public’s insatiable craving for faster, quicker, cheaper is driving companies to turn a blind eye to the problems their “guarantees” create. XPO Logistics has been shoved into the hot seat for allegedly creating a strenuous work environment that contributed to miscarriages and a reported death.

Last month, the New York Times dropped a bomb on the business world with their report on the horrific working conditions XPO Logistics has set for their employees in Tennessee.

In a letter addressed to Bradley Jacobs, XPO CEO, and Verizon’s CEO Han Vestberg, the senators condemn their illegal insensitivity.

It has never been more important for America’s largest companies to exhibit resolute leadership by protecting workers and protecting women. In light of this latest disturbing report that chronicles XPO turning a blind eye to pregnant workers, we urge XPO to re-evaluate its priorities with its workforce and make immediate changes to its current, allegedly deleterious workplace practices.

In retort, XPO Logistics made their own statement against the Times’ findings and have obviously switched into full crisis containment mode.

We look forward to sharing details about our progressive employee policies with the senators and providing information that demonstrates the allegations made in prior news articles about our Memphis facility are false. We take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe workplace where all employees, including pregnant women, are treated with respect.

XPO Logistics

Amazon, Nike, and Verizon use XPO Logistics and have caused a probe from nine senators.

This is not the first time the Nike, Amazon, and Verizon partner has made disturbing headlines. A worker died from a heart attack on the factory floor in 2017 after not being allowed to leave early for illness. At their facility in Lockport, New York, two workers were killed while unloading cargo this past June.

Headed by a total of nine senators, this probe is long overdue and brings with it dire consequences.

It is inexplicable that XPO, a company with a revenue of over $15 billion in 2017, including over $85 million in (fiscal year 2018) from federal contracts, found it unreasonable to provide accommodations for these women.

From the Senators’ Letter

Global companies like Amazon, Nike, and Verizon use XPO Logistics to promise your shipment delivered within days, sometimes hours. We, as consumers, click the button, finish the purchase, and wait impatiently for them to follow through with their deliverable promise. The backend of the story is driven by our expectation for perfection. XPO Logistics is literally pushing their employees into life-changing, or life-ending illness in order to fulfill our convenience.

This is the Dominos “30 Minutes or Less” pledge all over again.

We have come to expect, even depend on, these deliveries, and our driving greed for convenience is fueling companies like XPO Logistics to sacrifice what is right for customer ratings.

Our expectations must be for fair business. Workers are human, and when our focus is on a time-window rather than rights, business becomes slavery.


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