It’s sad to watch something that was touted to be the “next great thing” slowly wither and crawl into a corner. It’s even rougher when the powers that be, won’t let that thing, fad, or issue just die. After mercifully cutting production, Apple is putting the plug back in and reviving the floundering iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

Apple’s motivation seems to be stemming from the failure to live up to its end of the bargain with Samsung, pertaining to the order for OLED screens. Sales have impeded the call for production, leaving Samsung with screens and nothing to show for it. While that hasn’t been officially declared as the driving force behind the reinvigoration of the three X models, Apple is still under contract and looking to last year’s model to get the campaign going.

Fueled by dismal sales, a lack of customer demand, and that wonderful iron-clad contract with Samsung, Apple is trying to right the ship by rejuvenating production and offering discounts to entice attention. After pulling the iPhone X from its store earlier this year, the Wallstreet Journal is reporting that Apple is in the process of negotiating subsidies for their manufacturers in Japan in order to stoke the fires of industry and begin turning out more of the iPhone X line at a lower price point.

Apple is relaunching the iPhone X line in hopes of boosting sales.

This is a problem that the global giant has created themselves. Customers love the older iPhones and have been unwilling to upgrade to the iPhone X series. The XS is currently selling for $999 and the XS Max for $1099, while the reliable and cooler (because I have one), iPhone 8 is a mere $599 and the 8Plus is $699.

With Apple slowly moving out of the hardware game and relying on longer-lasting products, in-app purchases, and the necessity for their gadgets to run on Apple iOS, continuing the X series seems like a quick fix for the contract they have with Samsung. Once again, the iPhone X will be left to flounder in the abyss of Apple product cast-offs.


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