Believe it or not, there is some good news to report regarding Facebook and Apple. The two goliaths are joinning forces to help promote a new coding class for AP high school students. About two years ago, the governing board of Avanced Placement (AP) classes introduced a class called “AP Computer Science Principles” that focuses on real-world learning. Now major tech companies are helping to foster the curriculumn with a practical function.

We’re seeing huge increases in the number of women taking AP Computer Science Principles over those who traditionally took Computer Science ‘A,’ underrepresented minorities, black students, Hispanics and rural students.

Maureen Reyes, Executive Director of AP Program Management at College Board

Facebook and Apple are investing in their own future, by creating a positive experience for students and nurture their interest. These courses, that count toward college credit, prepare students through giving instructors access to the best technology and teaching techniques to relate information.

Highschool students are earning AP credit with help from Apple and Facebook.

In the next school year, Apple will release a free AP Computer Science Principles course syllabus and curriculum, giving high school students the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement credit for learning App Development with Swift.

The Apple Team

The commonsense based computer langauge of Swift, provides relatable ways to develop a passion for creation and expression through coding and computer science. The app gives instructors the tools and curriculumn needed in order to map out the best path for teaching each class. AP Computer Science Principles offers the ablity to develop apps and prototypes allowing students to learn faster and better techniques through collaboration and interaction on projects.

While Apple is leading the charge with in-classroom materials and lessons, Facebook has been hosting teaching summits and learning events at their campus in Menlo Park, CA. Providing a community arena for peers to brainstorm and communicate sows the seeds of innovative teaching styles while harnessing the power of Apple in the classroom.

Really the goal of that was to give the teachers a glimpse into what it’s like to work at a big tech company.

Maureen Reyes, Executive Director of AP Program Management at College Board

Now the question is: where were you when I needed your help in computer class my freshman year? I’ll just go back to dying from dysentary as I try to make it to Oregon.


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